Direct Paste helper
Paste Helper
To use the Direct Paste feature on your Mac and paste clipboard history to other applications, you need to install a small Helper app.
How to install?
  1. Download Paste Helper application using the link below. Download 8a63c97ec6bc78745676d8ba01d747d00d9d661efc51eb8d4a8e89512e518ac0 Download 2.4 MB
  2. When the download is complete, launch Paste Helper by double clicking it.
  3. Actually there is no step three, the Helper will automatically switch you back to Paste and Direct Paste will be enabled.
Why is this necessary?
The apps on the Mac App Store must be sandboxed, it means they can't communicate with other apps so there is no way to implement the Direct Paste feature in the App Store version of Paste. We have introduced an optional Helper application which makes Direct Paste work.
The first time you turn on Direct Paste, it will prompt you to download the Helper application. Paste Helper installs itself to ~/Library/Application Support/Paste Helper directory and runs in the background.
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