Privacy policy

Data storage

Paste stores all its data locally on the device you use it and in your iCloud drive if sync is enabled.

Learn more about iCloud security.

Anonymous statistics of usage

Paste collects anonymous and aggregated statistics of application usage utilizing Mixpanel in compliance with Mixpanel privacy policy.

The collected data includes:

  • unique identifier of the user based on the computer you are using;
  • screens visited;
  • some actions performed in the application (buttons clicks, shortcuts etc.).

We collect this data to understand how you use Paste and how to improve its experience. We do not collect any personal information.

Crash reporting

Paste automatically collects crash logs and suggest you send a crash report. This feature provided by HockeyApp in compliance with HockeyApp privacy policy.

Crash reports help us fix bugs quickly. Crash logs do not contain any personal information until you provide it by yourself.