Frequently asked questions

How to work with Paste?

Paste works in background and automatically collects all data you copy. To show Paste use an activation shortcut (⇧ Shift⌘ CmdV by default) or click on Paste's icon in menu bar (the "P" icon near the clock) and select "Show Paste".

Please, read our blog post about how to use Paste.

What is Direct Paste and Paste Helper?

When you double-click on a history item in timeline, it is copied to your clipboard again, so you can use it by pasting to any application with ⌘ CmdV manually. Direct Paste allows you to automatically paste those items to the application you currently work with.

Due to Mac App Store restrictions to enable this feature you should dowload a small application – Paste Helper.

How to paste snippets as Plain Text?

There are two options to strip formatting: strip styles for all text snippets or paste an individual snippet as Plain Text.

To automatically remove formatting from all snippets check the "Always paste as Plain Text" option in Preferences.

If you want to paste a particular items as Plain Text, select them and press ⌘ Shift↩︎ Return or right-click on them and select "Paste as Plain Text" in context menu. You can change the "Plain Text" modifier shortcut in Preferences -> Shortcuts.

How can I find something in Paste?

Open Paste and just start typing to search previously copied data. You can filter your results by application name, e.g.: "Notes Mary"; by content type, e.g.: "Image island"; or even mix it: "Safary Link kitchen".

How can I sync Paste data between my personal Macs?

You can install Paste on all your personal devices using the same Apple ID, there is no time limit, it's one time purchase. Sync is enabled by default, however you can turn it off if you want.

How can I fix clipboard history items I use offen so that they would never be deleted?

You can move your important snippets to the custom pinboards. Your items stored in custom pinboards will never be deleted.

How do I lable pinned items?

You can do that by right-clicking on a snippet and choosing "Rename" menu item. Or just click on the snippet's header.

Does Paste have shortcuts?

Paste is designed to be fully accessible from the keyboard. You can navigate through items using arrow keys, and then press ↩︎ Return to paste. Or ⇧ Shift↩︎ Return to paste item as Plain Text. And finally, to find something – just start typing.

See a full list of Keyboard Shortcuts.

How much disk space does Paste use?

Paste keeps all your clipboard history locally on your device. This data is small and also when you copy files, Paste only stores references, not the content.

We recommend to set the history capacity to 100 or 500 items.

I bought Paste from Mac App Store and I would like to transfer my license to the direct version. Is it possible?

We don't really have license transferring, however Paste on the Mac App Store and on our website are completely identical apps and iCloud sync works in both versions.

Will Paste speak my language?

We've opened the translation process up to the community because you know best how Paste should be translated into your language. Please participate as much as you like in translating, voting, and discussion with your fellow translators at

How do I suggest a missing feature?

We'll be glad to hear from you. Drop us a line at

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