Paste - clipboard history manager for Mac.
Paste 2 Beta is here!
We’ve been working hard to make Paste even better
and we are happy to give you a try!
What's new?
Paste 2 is an awesome update and a major boost for productivity.
Fresh new visual style, revised user interface, pinboards and other great new features.
Paste - clipboard history & snippets manager for Mac.
We’ve redesigned Paste from scratch to change the way you work with clipboard.
Keep everything you copy and store the most important snippets in a well-organized way.
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Keep your clipboard history organized with Pinboards. Create lists and pin your favorite snippets in an order you like.
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More shortcuts
Paste 2 is made for productivity.
Use default shortcuts or define your own for quick actions.
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New snippets
Paste 2 recognizes even more content types. Keep your texts, links, images, files and colors in just a click away.
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Quick Look support
Even better system integration.
Large preview for any type of snippet in your clipboard history or pinboard.
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Swift under the hood
Powered by the most advanced programming language for the maximum performance and
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Paste 2 speaks your language!
Join the Beta
Paste 2 will be available this spring as a free update on the Mac App Store,
but you have a chance to try it right now.
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Contact us at if you have any questions.
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